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First Aid at Work

Duration: 3 day course, 2 day refresher or half day update.

The First Aid at Work course is accredited by the Health & Safety Executive and designed to meet the needs of a 'generic' work place. In our experience however we realise that every industry has its own unique risk assessment needs and therefore what might be appropriate for one setting may not be so for another. Any of our First Aid at Work courses or FAW courses for short will cover the minimum requirement of the Health & Safety Executive; we ensure however, that if your work place requires elevated knowledge on a particular topic it is more than covered.

The full FAW course is taken over three days or 18 hours which can be completed in any form within a twelve week window. The two day refresher is for those who have already completed a previous FAW course and hold a certificate that is still within its three year expiry date. There is a month's grace period on certificates but after that time candidates will have to complete a three day FAW course.

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The Half day refresher or update is recommended by the Health & Safety Executive for those who have completed a FAW course already and one update is suggested in every year the certificate is held for to ensure the candidate has enough 'hands on' first aid knowledge, as they may not have had to be 'hands on' in their work place.

The course is written specifically with adults in mind and the course materials and assessment procedure will mirror this requirement. However our trainers are happy to discuss the needs of children and babies for those who are interested, this information will not form any part of the assessment.


Course Topics

The First Aid at Work course covers all the subjects that the Health & Safety Executives requires, including:

  • Dealing with an emergency.
  • Collapse of a casualty.
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
  • Dealing of broken bones, sprains & strains.
  • Dealing with diabetes.
  • Recognition of anaphylactic shock.
  • Treatment of asthma.
  • Correct use of medication.
  • Assisting with those who have suffered with a seizure.
  • Treatment of burns.
  • Dealing with poisoning.
  • Correct procedure for those who are choking.
  • Treatment of blood loss.
  • First aid Law and the first aid kit.